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Our life with bulldogs begins in 2007..

Hello, We are Maurizio Erika & Matteo Prosa, we live near the city of Siena with our Bulldogs.. The first experience with this amazing breed was in 2007, when we decided to give with us our Otto (that give the name at our kennel) and we learned to appreciate and love these beautiful life companions, that do not leave you alone and that give you immense love day after day. Since then , although it took just a few years , our passion and our love for our " fatties ", have grown in such a way to bring us to expand our family, take with us Sibilla , Jessica and Whoopy and enjoy the fantastic experience of breeding our first puppies. We have set ourselves the objective to select healthy and quality pups, aware of having to work hard to achieve it, committing, expanding our knowledge and implementing a continuous improvement, for to try to make those who want to become part of our " family ", the same emotions that we tried to keep us in the arms our first bulldog… We invite you to visit our website and hope that you enjoy it and if you want to leave a trace of your passage by signing our Guestbook we will be delighted. See u soon

Maurizio Erika & Matteo 

Otto & me
erika & otto
matteo & otto
matteo & margot